Should i pick up Numeric, Numarray or SciPy.core?

jelle jelleferinga at
Fri Oct 21 10:46:10 CEST 2005

#No rant intended

I'm not at all confused wether I should learn an one of the advanced
array modules, I'm slightly confused over which I should pick up. I'm
impressed with the efforts of SciPy and Scientific, but since I'm
fairly new to programming & OO, choosing Numarray over Numeric hasnt
been that satisfactory at all, which is not a problem of the quality of
Numarray, but the fact that a lot of modules still heavily realy on
Numeric. Which, with my fragile knowledge in programming is rather
confusing sometimes. Since its seems its far from pragmatic to opt
solely for either one of them. So Scipy.core looks like the ticket for
me here, doesnt it? Before putting an effort into it, I'd like to know
whether this would make sense, certainly since scipy.core is in its
early stages, and documentation isnt available yet (for free that is...
its not clear to me why I should pay for software in its early stages,
when it extents on efforts freely available)

Curious for your opinions, I definitely think the Scipy.core effort is
terrific, but right now I'm wondering whether its a pragmatic choice.


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