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Wed Oct 19 07:00:50 CEST 2005

> Xah Lee, on Aug 22, 2:43 pm wrote:
> Unix, RFC, and Line Truncation
> http://xahlee.org/UnixResource_dir/writ/truncate_line.html

Steve wrote:
> I've seen this argument before.  There's at least one VERY good reason
> to hard-code linebreaks in text:  to preserve a covert channel.  It's
> really easy to structure plain text in such a way to include super
> sekret messages that can only be properly decoded when the original
> formatting of the text is preserved.  Assuming that all of us are
> agreed that plain text is the correct lowest-common denominator in
> email and Usenet communications, it makes sense to allow for additional
> personal expression by way of enabling users to encode additional
> information in the formatting of their messages.

Rethink what you are saying. You'll see that what you propose as
reasons for one, is actually for the other.

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