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Xah Lee wrote:
> well, in the past couple of days i started my own:
> http://xahlee.org/emacs/notes.html
> but i'm sure something like it exists.
> Btw, the elisp intro by
> Robert J Chassell. At:
> http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/emacs-lisp-intro/
> is extremely well written.
> (and so is the elisp reference)
> Bravo to GNU & Freesoftware Foundation once again. Thank you.
> PS Fuck unix and unix fuckheads. Fuck asshole Larry Wall. Fuck Python
> documenation community and their fucking ass lying thru their teeth
> ignorance fucking shit. (See:
>  http://xahlee.org/UnixResource_dir/writ/gubni_papri.html)
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>  Xah
>  xah at xahlee.org
> rgb wrote:
>>>i'm looking for something example based... for senior professional
>>>programers who may want to pickup some elisp for practical macro.
>>Unfortunately the path from any given language to Elisp varies vastly.
>>For example a Prolog programmer would need far fewer tips than a Cobol
>>or even a C programmer.  It's unlikely you will find something
>>tailored to your specific experience.
>>I'd already written programs in well over 100 languages in the 20
>>years before learning Elisp yet I didn't find the intro terribly
>>tedious until around section 13 (Counting).  At that point it switches
>>focus toward examples of creating functions rather than introducing
>>syntax and available features.  Perhaps starting at section 12 would
>>suit your learning style better.
>>As you probably realize, the language itself is just syntax and the
>>hard part is learning about all the facilities at your disposal once
>>you decide to write something.  There are a lot of features available
>>and, although daunting, I think the reference is the best resource
>>for discovering them.
>>This group has also been indispensable to me.

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