One last thing about SocketServer

rbt rbt at
Mon Oct 10 14:59:46 CEST 2005

I've read more about sockets and now, I have a better understanding of
them. However, I still have a few SocketServer module questions:

When used with SocketServer how exactly does socket.setdefaulttimeout()
work? Does it timeout the initial connect request to the socket server
or does it timeout the session between the connecting client socket and
the client socket the server generated to handle the incoming request? 

Also, since the *only* thing a 'socket server' does is to create 'client
sockets' to handle requests, how do I use socket object features on
these generated clients to manage and/or monitor them?

The SocketServer module is great, but it seems to hide too many details
of what it's up to!


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