dreaming in Python

The Eternal Squire eternalsquire at comcast.net
Sun Oct 30 00:46:37 CEST 2005


I have to tell all of you this, at least for some laughs.  Honestly, I
had the silliest dream involving the language last night.  I dreamt
that it was a decade into the future and that Grand Central Station in
NYC was installing a cement and steel "computer core" for directing its
trains and station elevators... and for some reason I was supervising a
technician on the project.  I asked the technician, what version of
Python was being used, and he said 2.1... I said better install 2.4!
So he loaded a chip into the 15 ton cylindrical core, then the core was
lowered by winch into a manhole cover.  The lights in the station lit,
and I shouted:  One Python to Rule Them All And In The Darkness Bind
Them!   Then I took an elevator downstairs to log into the terminal.
Who did I meet on a neighboring terminal other than the BDFL?  He was
doing something esoteric and strange on the terminal but I was just
having trouble logging in.  End of dream.

Anyone ever have a wierd engineering dream sometime in thier career?

The Eternal Squire

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