Microsoft Hatred FAQ

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Mon Oct 24 22:03:19 CEST 2005

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>>    His comments are not applicable to America. They are applicable to a
>> country where the government owns the economy.

>>    No reply is needed to his comments except to point out that they only
>> apply to a communist or totalitarian state. We don't have one here, so 
>> his
>> argument doesn't apply.

> The last time I looked, property taxes were enforced in many states of
> the USA. Do you deny this?

    What do property taxes have to do with Microsoft?

>>    I am not saying "because you are a communist, your argument is wrong". 
>> I
>> am saying, "because your argument is based upon communist or totalitarian
>> premises about the relationship between the government and the economy, 
>> it
>> does not apply to the United States, and we were talking about the United
>> States."

> Then you are sadly deluded if you think that the US government does not
> make decisions on the economy.

    That's true. Of course, I do think the US government makes decisions on 
the economy.


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