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Mon Oct 3 07:32:37 CEST 2005

I guess your python script isn't getting executed.

a. I guess you might have to tweak the server if the script is not
getting executed.

b. Maybe your script is getting executed but you are not setting the
"Content-type" parameter which is essential for browser that it is an
html page.

Note :- Set "Content-type" to "text/html" I guess this should work

prasad chandrasekaran

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     I'm a data-structures course TA trying to write a python CGI script

for automatically compiling and testing students' projects.

Unfortunately, I've run into some questions while writing this, which I

couldn't solve with the various (and helpful) python-CGI documentation.

(It's possible that I'm posting to the wrong group; if so, I'd

appreciate suggestions for the appropriate group.)

1. In my HTML page, I have the following:

<form method="post" action=""


     In the above, is the python CGI script. I

didn't write a URL in the action field, since I'm first testing

everyting on a local machine (running FC4). The first line of is


and I've done

chmod +x

     When I hit the "submit" button, my browser (Firefox on FC4) doesn't

run the script; it asks me whether it should open or save it to disk. I couldn't figure out why.

2. My HTML page has the option for an instructor to list the various

submissions and scores. Obviously, this should be inaccessible to

students. The instructor has a password for doing this, therefore.

Suppose I place the password inside a python script, and give this

script only +x permission for others. Is this  adequate as far as

     Thanks in advance for answering these questions.


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