help with concurrency control (threads/processes & signals)

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Thu Oct 27 19:37:06 CEST 2005

[Sori Schwimmer]
> I am working on an application which involves
> interprocess communication. More to the point,
> processes should be able to notify other processes
> about certain situations, so the "notifyees" would be
> able to act in certain ways.
> As processes are distributed on several machines, in
> different physical locations, my thinking was:
> a) set a message manager (MM)
> b) all the participants will register with MM, so MM
> will have their host address and their pid on host
> c) when someone needs to send a notification, it is
> sent to MM, and MM it's doing the job


> Life is a struggle. Programming in Python shouldn't
> be. Ergo, I'm doing something wrong.
> Any advice?

Rather than rolling your own, have you considered using the spread 
module: robust, tested, efficient and no infrastructure development 

The latter page has links to the original C spread module, which has 
documentation, FAQs, etc.

alan kennedy
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