ImportError: No module named dbm

mhardas at mhardas at
Thu Oct 13 21:05:44 CEST 2005

Hi, thanks for the reply.
firstly i couldnt find the DBM module for python 2.3.5, trustix system and
i386 hardware platform.
so i downloaded gnu dbm for python 2.3.5 and i568( precisly,
python-gdbm-2.3.5-4tr.i586), simply assuming it could just work.

but trying to install gives me the following error,

error: failed dependencies:
        python = 2.3.5 is needed by python-gdbm-2.3.5-4tr

I am preety sure its python 2.3.5 tht is installed.

Can you shed some light or give some pointers.

Thanks again, appreciate it.


> mhardas at wrote:
>> Can you tell me how do I go about getting the dbm module and install
>> it.??
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