Controlling who can run an executable

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Tue Oct 4 23:53:30 CEST 2005

Tony Nelson wrote:
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>  "Cigar" <chrisgarland67 at> wrote:
> > I am developing a program for a client.  She runs a shop where her
> > clients bring in items for sale or short term buyback.  Development of
> > the program has been going great but she's mentioned that there is a
> > 'feature' coming up in the next couple of weeks that she'd like me to
> > implement that has me a bit worried.
> >
> > My client has told me a story of how she hired someone from a competing
> > store and that person had brought a copy of the program her competition
> > was using to track clients and transactions.  He couldn't demonstrate
> > the program for one reason or another because it was protected in a way
> > that neither could circumvent. (She didn't remember how it was
> > protected, she had hired this person a long time ago.)
> >
> > Now that I'm three months into the development of this program, my
> > client tells me she would like to protect her investment by preventing
> > her employees from doing the same to her.  (Going to the competition
> > and using her program.)
>  ...
> Call the competition and ask them what they used.  Point out that it
> worked.  If they won't tell you, just look at their software until you
> find out.
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Sorry.  All I have is this wonderful story to tell everyone.  This
employee she hired no longer works for her and the 'disk' that nobody
to could get working is gone as well.

Sadly there's nothing left for me to forensically examine.

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