Moving to Win XP as a Python developer

Trent Mick trentm at
Fri Oct 14 21:25:55 CEST 2005

[Thomas Heller wrote]
> I have an elisp function bound to a key in XEmacs that starts cmd in the
> directory where the current buffer is.  IMO this is very convenient.  To
> access explorer from that command prompt (in the rare cases that I need
> it) I use 'start .'.

I kind of have the same thing with Dave's Quick Search Deskbar
( and my little "go" script
( The keystrokes to open a cmd.exe shell
in my "src" folder is down to:

    <Windows+S>    # to focus in the Quick Search Deskbar textbox
    go src<Enter>

or to open Explorer in that dir:

    go -o src<Enter> 

or in another "tagged" dir:

    go ~           # open in my home dir

DQSD is a fantastic tool for speeding up launching other things, too:
mainly Google searches.


Trent Mick
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