Python vs Ruby

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Fri Oct 21 02:15:15 CEST 2005

I don't think you really need to give to much time in weighting between
python or Ruby. Both are fine. But Python has the obvious advantage
that it has much more modules than Ruby so many things you don't need
to implement if you have real work to do.

I recommend you give haskell a shot if you are "in" to programming
because it makes you think differently, not necessary better(at least
not all the time) but helps.

I am not sure your intention but I think there isn't a one language
fits all situation here. I frequently use the following:

C/C++ - for linux kernel hacking etc., many library out there still use
python - generic stuff
SQL - nothing beats it for many business apps
haskell - a language to train my brain
javascript - Web front end

other than haskell and SQL, the others are more or less the same to me
so getting familiar with them is not too difficult.

Amol Vaidya wrote:
> I've done a lot of studying on my own, and taken the classes that my
> high-school offers. I feel that I have a fairly good understanding of Java,
> and basic OO concepts due to that. I've created some semi-complex programs
> in java, in my opinion, such as networked checkers, 8-player blackjack, a
> space-shooter type game, a copy of mario (one level, anyway), and some other
> stuff. I've also done a bit of studying on C. I've done a few projects in C,
> including another space-shooter type of game using SDL, an IRC client and
> some simple database-type programs. I also gave a shot at assembly using
> NASM for x86 before, but didn't get too far. I wrote some trivial code --
> wrote to the video buffer, played with some bios interrupts, stuff like
> that. The only thing I did in assembly was create a program that loads at
> boot-up, and loads another program that just reiterates whatever you type
> in. I only did that because I was curious. That's about as far as my
> programming knowledge/experience goes.
> Well, I'm not sure what you mean by programming concepts. I'm familiar with
> OO through Java, and procedural programming through C. I'd be more detailed,
> but I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Sorry.
> I have no idea what Scheme is, but I'll cettainly look it up as soon as I'm
> done writing this.
> I've never given Perl a shot. It was another language I considered learning,
> but my father's friend told me to go with Python or Ruby.
> Thanks for your help. Hopefully I wasn't too lengthy in this post.

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