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Fri Oct 14 17:28:13 CEST 2005

Something to consider when writing cross-platform applications with any
gui toolkit is that it never works out of the box. Despite what they
might promise you.

If you have yourself access to a Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computer,
you probably won't have any problem to make it fully cross-platform. If
you work on Windows, but don't have a Mac, than you will have a hard
time, if not almost impossible when you write complex applications.

I've tried all python gui toolkits and my conclusion was for small
applications that are distributed as python source use Tkinter,
otherwise wxPython. Arguments are:
- very supportive community (wxPython mailing lists, just ask a
question and everybody helps you out in no time)
- native, professional look & feel
- best licensing for all platforms (commercial use allowed)
- very rich widget set, continuously extended by the community
  (see eg. widgets from Andrea Gavana
- wxGlade makes GUI design really easy


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