Windows vs Linux [was: p2exe using wine/cxoffice]

bonono at bonono at
Wed Oct 26 14:35:41 CEST 2005

oops, stand corrected. As I don't use the feature more than ctrl-r and
up/down arrow.

Tim Golden wrote:
> Thanks to both of you. But that much I already knew. It's not
> that I have *no* knowledge about readline: I did at least
> read the manuals when I got stuck! But as far as I can tell
> from my experience and from the docs -- and I'm not near a
> Linux box at the mo -- having used ctrl-r to recall line x
> in the history, you can't just down-arrow to recall x+1, x+2 etc.
> Or can you?
> (Sorry guys; I realise this is more stuff for comp.os.linux or
> comp.commandlineshells.bash or whatever it's called. But if
> someone *did* know the answer, I'd be really happy!)
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