Using Python to add thumbnails to Explorer

c d saunter christopher.saunter at
Wed Oct 26 22:59:15 CEST 2005

Hi Roger,
        Thanks for the info - I was actually interested in custom                         
per file thumbnails rather than icons, but your message sentt me 
pouring through seemingly relevent parts of the registry - however 
what I need isn't there.

Turns out I need to use a .dll shell extension as per

Not so simple, and not (directly) a job for Python.

Roger Upole (rupole at wrote:
: As you guessed, the icon locations are stored in the registry.
: There's a key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT for each
: registered file type, with a default value holding the class name.
: Under the class name, there's a DefaultIcon key that gives
: the path to the icon.  Using python files an an example, you
: have HKCR\.py with Default=Python.File, and under
: HKCR\Python.File\DefaultIcon, you should have the
: path to py.ico.  You can use the _winreg module to create
: your own entries.

:      hth
:         Roger

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