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Ray Dillinger bear at
Thu Oct 6 06:51:48 CEST 2005

Richard Gration wrote:

> ... fucking ... fucking ... fucking ... fucking ... Fucking ... fucking 
 > ... fucking

My friend, you can learn to use a far richer vocabulary of
obscenities.  If your creative flow is blocked by the fear
that you can't spell more dirty words correctly, you can
dispel this fear with a few evenings of study and preparation.

Amaze your friends!  Amuse your enemies!  Enrich your
vocabulary!  You can learn the joys of cussing seven
times in the same sentence without resorting to repetition!
For extra points, and with suitable study, you can even
learn to write entire paragraphs of _original_ obscenity!

Just imagine how much clearer your point would have been if
you'd called him a jizz-licking dogcock grabber!  Why insult
his code with a vague word like "moronicity" when you could
use "steaming pile of entrails" or better yet, "bucket of
fermented ballsweat?" wouldn't that have made your technical
point much clearer?

Now go, and don't attempt obscenity in public again until
you learn how.


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