non descriptive error

Timothy Smith timothy at
Wed Oct 12 01:33:39 CEST 2005

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

>Timothy Smith wrote:
>>i have reproduced the error in this code block
>>#save values in edit
>>== Decimal('0'):
>>#box must be checked before continuing
>>if self.PlacedInSafe.GetValue() != 1:
>>self.parent.Popup("You must place the till draw back in the
>>safe","Till draw")
>>#finalise the till draw
>>if Decimal(self.TillFloat.GetLabel().split('$')[1]) != Decimal('0'):
>>Prompt = wx.MessageDialog(self,"""The correct amount has not been
>>returned from the till draw float to the main float!
>>If you proceed please contact your manager""","Change tin doesn't
>>if Prompt.ShowModal() == wx.ID_YES:
>>self.parent.Popup('You have an outstanding change tin balance on this
>>till','Change tin')
>>i have NO idea what in there could be making it have such a strange
>>error. it just says "error" when you try run it. there nothing terribly
>>strange being done.
>the snippet you posted gives
>$ python
>  File "", line 2
>    self.FinaliseTill.SaveEditControlValue()
>    ^
>SyntaxError: invalid syntax
>on my python 2.3 install.
>are you sure you don't have some weird sitecustomize file on your
>machine?  (more likely, it's a wxPython issue.  can you reproduce
>this without using wxPython ?)
i am still coming across this error it's driving me nuts. usually i can 
find what's wrong, but it is becoming an increasingly annoying problem. 
i also get the same problem on a windows machine with the same 
installed. this time it's nothing to do with the decimal module. help!

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