Looking for a Python mentor

LenS lsumnler at uniqueinsuranceco.com
Thu Oct 13 03:44:26 CEST 2005


Was wandering if there is any place where some one could go to get
mentoring on python coding.  I have started coding in python but I am
the only one in the shop  using it.  So there is no one around to look
over my code give suggestions on improvement, in style, logic, easier
ways of doing things etc.  I am not really looking for hand holding as
much mentoring.  I have purchased about every python book out and have
a list a mile long on my internet bookmarks.  I believe I have a good
grasp of the fundamentals procedurally and I am fighting my way through
OOP.  I am more at the stage of trying to pull things together into
programs that perform real world tasks.  At one point I thought I saw
some place on one of the web site that did this kind of thing but I
can't find it now.

Any help or suggestions welcomed
Len Sumnler

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