Python vs Ruby

Casey Hawthorne caseyhHAMMER_TIME at
Thu Oct 20 17:34:17 CEST 2005

What languages do you know already?

What computer science concepts do you know?

What computer programming concepts do you know?

Have you heard of Scheme?

Ruby is a bit Perl like -- so if you like Perl, chances are you might
like Ruby.

Python is more like Java.

I have heard, but have not been able to verify that if a program is
10,000 lines in C++
it is about
5,000 lines in Java
and it is about
3,000 lines in Python (Ruby to?)

Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:

>In article <ZnD5f.636$Bf7.280 at>,
> "Amol Vaidya" <mynewsa at> wrote:
>> Hi. I am interested in learning a new programming language, and have been 
>> debating whether to learn Ruby or Python. How do these compare and contrast 
>> with one another, and what advantages does one language provide over the 
>> other? I would like to consider as many opinions as I can on this matter 
>> before I start studying either language in depth. Any help/comments are 
>> greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. 
>Of all the common scripting languages, Ruby has the highest vowel to 
>consonant ratio.

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