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On 9 Oct 2005 13:12:43 -0700, riplin at Azonic.co.nz wrote:

>> My grandma doesn't put captions in her photo album,
>> and she doesn't need captions on her photos in email.
>She doesn't need captions in the album because she will explain the
>pictures, at length, every single one of them, to anyone who comes
>within grabbing distance.
>> "Here's Johnny with the dog. Here is Johnny with the
>> dog again. This one is Johnny on his own. Here is the
>> dog. Oh look, it is Johnny with the dog again --  ...
>If your photos are so banal then only people who would recognise the
>people would care about them.
>Captions are for people who won't recognise the subject of the photo.
>When you send a photo of a house to Granma is she supposed to just
>_know_ that it your new house, or the one across the road, or the one
>that burnt down last week ?

You might try something truly innovative, like including a line in the
email that says "Hi, Grandma, here's a picture of our new house."
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