[ANN] XPN 0.5.5 released

Nemesis nemesis at nowhere.invalid
Sat Oct 15 20:23:09 CEST 2005

Mentre io pensavo ad una intro simpatica "Cousin Stanley" scriveva:

>> I'd add also config.txt ;-)
>   I did but failed to include it in the list I posted ....

yes of course.

>   One small config problem that I haven't figured out
>   how to deal with .... 
>       I use a dark background with white foreground text .... 
>       When posting a reply in the compose/edit window
>       the cursor is  NOT  visible .... 
>   Is there an incantation I can add to the config file
>   that might render the cursor visible on a dark background ?

It's a well known issue, I haven't find a way to change the cursor color
yet :-/
I also posted an help request on the pygtk list, but I had no useful

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