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Tue Oct 25 14:06:20 CEST 2005

David Schwartz wrote:
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>>3) there are plenty of other OSs that are developed or could be
>>developed but which cannot get a foothold or even manage to be put on
>>the shelves because the majority product producer insists on charging
>>hardware manufacturers for every box produced, whether or not it carries
>>their o/s, and does other nasty things like sabotaging their own
>>products so they won't work with a clone o/s.
>     How could he resell an OS that "could be developed"? If nobody wants 
> these operating systems, then it doesn't hurt him not to be able to sell 
> them. If people want them, then he could have shown Microsoft the door.
Shouldn't it be my right as a seller, to decide that I want to sell an
operating system 'that nobody wants' _as well as_ operating systems that
'everybody wants'? So it *hurts* me if I am not able to sell these. That
it doesn't hurt me financially doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt me
(e.g. my freedom, ideas of morality, whatever).

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