Yes, this is a python question, and a serious one at that (moving to Win XP)

Jorgen Grahn jgrahn-nntq at
Sat Oct 15 10:45:17 CEST 2005

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005 12:37:25 +0200, Christophe <chris.cavalaria at> wrote:
> Kenneth McDonald a écrit :
>> For unfortunate reasons, I'm considering switching back to Win XP  (from 
>> OS X) as my "main" system. Windows has so many annoyances that  I can 
>> Yes, I know that Cygwin is out there, but last I looked, they still  
>> went through the Win command-line window, which imposes a lot of  
>> restrictions.
> Last time I checked, you could install a native win32gui version of rxvt 
> with cygwin. This would give you a better terminal window than that 
> crappy thing you get in XP.

Last time /I/ checked (two years ago or so) that rxvt looked nice enough,
but was impossible to use in practice. I cannot remember /what/ the problem
was -- possibly it was that it could only run CygWin-compiled commands, or
something vital only worked with CygWin-compiled commands. Google probably
knows more.

I wouldn't be surprised if this has improved since then, or if someone else
has come up with a serious Win32 terminal. There is surely a need for one!


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