Jargons of Info Tech industry

Paul Rubin http
Sun Oct 9 23:06:20 CEST 2005

Roedy Green <my_email_is_posted_on_my_website at munged.invalid> writes:
> >His reply wasn't exactly clear, but I that he means that wen you use HTM
> >mail, you don't have to attach the photo with the email. You can also
> >use the HTML to refer to an image somewhere on a webserver.
>  There is that and also the use of HTML formatting, embedded images,
> captioning, rows, borders to make the message look more like a page
> from a photo album.

That's the worst of all.  I certainly don't want my mail reader
opening network connections to arbitrary places when I read my mail.
I have no willingness at all to reveal my mail reading habits or IP
address to everyone who sends me email.  If someone wants a return
receipt, they can use snail mail and fill out a form at the post
office for it.

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