need some advice on x y plot

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Tue Oct 25 16:37:32 CEST 2005

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If the x-axis is time, gnuplot will plot it correctly but it will connect
*all* the datapoints and scale the x-axis so that everything will fit on the
graph. Is it the autoscaling or conneting that what you think is wrong?

Getting a fixed-size x-axis is a configuration option. I think one simply
passes a range to the axis one wants to scale. I cannot remember exactly,
how though.

> one of you guys know a charting app that will do this ? or is there
> some other way i could do it?

RRDTool is excellent at storing & plotting time series data. It will not
"connect" missing data points but has the limitation that the sample rate
must be known when creating the database and generally adhered to. Missed
samples are NAN's.

You have to "tell" gnuplot what to plot and what not to plot. I think you
can add more than one data series to the same plot, providing the "gap"
where data is unavaliable. Else you have to "pad" it with zeros or some
other appropriate null value.

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