Controlling who can run an executable

Cigar chrisgarland67 at
Tue Oct 4 20:10:05 CEST 2005

Istvan Albert wrote:
> >was using to track clients and transactions.  He couldn't demonstrate
> >the program for one reason or another because it was protected in a way
> >that neither could circumvent. (She didn't remember how it was
> >protected, she had hired this person a long time ago.)
> I'd venture to guess that neither of the people above knew much about
> programming. So do the same, create a security measure that protects
> against this level of 'threat'.

I could ask her, "If you can't break it is that good enough security?"

> As others have pointed out the simplest way would be to detect the
> presence of a hidden file, or some hardcoded system value, mac address
> etc. Obscure this step even more by encrypting some of the information
> so that one can't just simply view it in a hex editor.
> Istvan.

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