How to get a raised exception from other thread

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Oct 16 05:52:06 CEST 2005

themightydoyle at wrote:
> I also need an answer to this problem.  

What _is_ the problem?  We're still waiting for a clear description from 
the OP as to what the problem really is.  How would you describe what 
_your_ problem is?

 > I'm using windows.  Throwing an
> exception in thread B from thread A using a callback function.
> The function runs, but the thread never actually catches the exception.
>  The try/except block is in the run() method (over-riden from the
> Thread class)

Rather than force us all to guess what you are doing wrong, maybe it 
would be better if you posted a small amount of code that shows the problem.

Exceptions raised in threads can definitely be caught in the run() 
method if the code is written correctly, so that is not in itself an issue.


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