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Steve Holden steve at
Tue Oct 4 00:06:00 CEST 2005

Roel Schroeven wrote:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
>>Peter Decker <pydecker at> writes:
>>>Setting the default Reply-To: to the list means that 'Reply' sends
>>>just to the list (the desired behavior most of the time), and 'Reply
>>>to all' sends 2 copies.
>>No, it sends one copy to the list, and one copy to the original
>>author. This is the behavior you want. The author may not be
>>subscribed to the list. Such people are most in need of help, and you
>>want the default to be that they get help.
> Is that really the desired behaviour? IMO the least you can do if you're
> searching for help is subscribing to the mailing list on which you're
> looking for help. Me and many others don't like to receive replies
> directly instead of via the mailing list; it's of no use, since we're
> subscribed to the mailing list anyway.
> Just reply to the mailing list, and subscribe to it if you want to
> receive replies. Avoids duplicates without all kinds mail filters. Only
> disadvantage is that by subscribing to the mailing list, you receive all
> posts to the list, not just the replies to your own post. But that's not
> a big disadvantage. On the contrary; one can easily learn something from
> them.
... if one has time to do anything but curse and delete them !

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