"no variable or argument declarations are necessary."

Antoon Pardon apardon at forel.vub.ac.be
Thu Oct 6 13:18:43 CEST 2005

Op 2005-10-06, Diez B. Roggisch schreef <deets at nospam.web.de>:
>> Sure, But allow me this silly analogy.
>> Going out on a full test-drive will also reveal your tires are flat.
>> So if you one has to be dropped, a full test drive or a tire check
>> it would certainly be the tired check. But IMO the tire check
>> is still usefull.
> But you could write it as test - including not only a look (which 
> resembles the limited capabilities of typechecking), but testing the air 
> pressure, looking at the tyre type and see that it won't match the rainy 
> conditions...
>> Hey, I'm all for testing. I never suggested testing should be dropped
>> for declarations
> The testing is IMHO more valuable than typechecking. The latter one 
> actually _limits_ me. See e.g. the java IO-Api for a very bloated way of 
> what comes very naturally with python. Duck-typing at it's best.

But typechecking doesn't has to be java like.

I can't help but feel that a lot of people have specific typechecking
systems in mind and then conclude that the limits of such a symtem
are inherent in typechecking itself.

IMO a good type system doesn't need to limit python in any way.

Antoon Pardon

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