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Tue Oct 25 22:08:02 CEST 2005

"Mattia Adami" <am_public at> writes:

> Hi to all.
> I'm intristing in write a plugin for browsers that can execute python
> code.
> I know the main problem is security. Many thread were opened about this
> in the ng.
> I would know if fork python rewriting some library could avoid
> problems. I.e. one problem is the possibility to access files. If I
> rewrite the open() function so that raises exception if the program try
> to access a file out of a defined directory.
> I'm sure not a security expert, so please be patient if my question is
> stupid.

People who *are* security experts have looked into modifying Python to
make it secure, and given up on the project as unrealistic. Generally,
taking an existing project that wasn't designed with security in mind
and making it secure is hard. Not impossible, but not easy.

You might consider using Jython and jythonc to produce objects to run
in the JVM. Not only was that designed with security in mind, but most
browsers come with a JVM already installed.

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