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>> Which standards? W3C doesn't make standards (they talk about working
>> drafts and recommendations), so nothing to warp there for MS.
> Umm, a recommendation *is* a standard.

No, it's a recommendation, an advise, nothing else. Otherwise they would 
call it a standard. Why do you think W3C calls it recommendations? Because 
it are no standards. There is an ISO HTML standard though, but when people 
babble about HTML standards they talk about W3C *recommendations*.

Specifications published by the W3C. They cannot be officially called 
"standards," since the W3C is a consortium that does not have the status of 
the standard body reserved for the ISO and national standard bodies. The 
specifications, which are finalized and approved by the Director, are then 
called "W3C Recommendations.""
(Quote from an O'Reilly book)
> And Microsoft must disagree with you.

So that must mean you're right? Then wonder why there is an ISO standard 
(yes) for HTML.

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