Threads and socket.setdefaulttimeout

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Oct 19 19:45:51 CEST 2005

Russell Warren wrote:
> Thanks for the detailed repsone... sorry for the lag in responding to
> it.
[discussion of problems with timeouts on threaded code's sockets]
> Not quite what I was after I don't think since potentially interfering
> code needs to check the lock (via acquire) to avoid conflict.  What I
> guess I mean is something general for the process saying "never ever
> interrupt this block og code by running code on another thread,
> regardless of whether the other thread(s) check a lock".  Thinking more
> about it it seems unreasonable so I'll drop the question.

Well, I'm about out of ideas, but is a very inventive group, so 
maybe someone else will be able to contribute a bright thought. Anyone?

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