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Maciej Dziardziel fiedzia at
Fri Oct 21 20:47:36 CEST 2005

vasilijepetkovic at wrote:

> 1)    What programming language to use

This is trivial task, whatever language you choose, will do it.
Python too, and its also simple and popular, so i can recommend it.

> 2)    What development tools to use

You don't need nothing beyond python interpreter. 

> 3)    Tips on how to code the solution

Read the python tutorial ( and thats probably all you need to

> For each record I have to create an html file that will be named as the
> name of the town (i.e. Sarajevo.html). The content of the file will be
> rather simple; in the first row it will contain the header (i.e.
> "This page displays longitude-latitude information") - The second
> row will have the following word: "Grad" - and the third row will
> contain the name of the city and the fourth row will have the
> longitude-latitude info.

Its maybe 10-20 lines of trivial code, so i suggest you to read python
tutorial, unless its only do-it-once operation. 

Do you really need to create 30k files? this will take a lot of time
(creating a file is time-consuming operation on creation, sending them to
server too) and disk space greedy - even if file has 300 bytes, it may take
4kb or more on disk, depending on filesystem and its settings.
Perhaps collecting names starting with the same letter in single file will
be enough.

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