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Tue Oct 18 17:37:41 CEST 2005

Richard Steiner <rsteiner at> wrote:
> Here in comp.os.linux.misc,
> John Wingate <johnww at> spake unto us, saying:
>>Peter T. Breuer <ptb at> wrote:
>>> It seems to me that I was using 3.x. Maybe it was 3.1? I seem to
>>> remember an earlier major ... was there a 2.8 or 2.9?
>>Dunno.  The first version I used was 3.4, in 1987.
> MS-DOS 3.3 was the most popular DOS release back in 1987/1988.  I don't
> recall there ever being a 3.4 release, though.

You snipped the bits that provide the context showing that here Peter and I
were talking about versions of SunOS, not MS-DOS.

I too don't recall an MS-DOS 3.4.  The Victor/Sirius version I mentioned
was definitely 3.10 (three point ten)--the version byte was hex 030A.
Perhaps the gap in sequencing was introduced to separate the versions
for IBM-compatible machines from the versions for non-IBM-compatible

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