p2exe using wine/cxoffice

Sybren Stuvel sybrenUSE at YOURthirdtower.com.imagination
Wed Oct 26 12:23:23 CEST 2005

Tim Golden enlightened us with:
> Well, I'm with you. I'm sure a lot of people will chime in to point
> out just how flexible and useful and productive Linux is as a
> workstation, but every time I try to use it -- and I make an honest
> effort -- I end up back in Windows

I'm curious, what do you mean with "it" in the part "every time I try
to use it"?

There are different distributions of Linux, and putting them all on
one big pile is like saying "I've tried Windows, and I really don't
like it's user interface" and referring to the interface of Windows

Many people use Fedora (from RedHat) and don't like it. I agree with
them - I don't like it either. For those people: give Ubuntu Linux a
go. It's my favourite - and my girlfriend's too btw.

The problem with the world is stupidity. Not saying there should be a
capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the
safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself? 
                                             Frank Zappa

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