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Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 17 19:19:22 CEST 2005

Web interfaces are missing a lot more than this. Here are just a few  
things that cannot be done with web-based interfaces (correct me  
where I'm wrong):

1) A real word processor.
2) Keybindings in a web application
3) Drag and drop
4) Resizable windows (i.e. not the browser window) within the  
5) Anything other than absolutely trivial graphical programs.

State is a very small part of the whole thing. Progress is being  
made, but web interfaces are still basically forms that can contain  
buttons, checkboxes, text fields, and a few other basic controls. I  
wish it were otherwise.


On 16-Oct-05, at 5:04 PM, Mike Meyer wrote:

> Malte Clasen <malte.clasen at arcor.de> writes:
>> Claudio Grondi wrote:
>>> What is that complex, that it can't be solved using an Internet  
>>> Browser as a
>>> GUI?
>> Nothing, but session management isn't trivial with http
>> interfaces. You have to deal with the back button of the browsers,
>> bookmarks to pages that result from posted forms, users leaving the
>> application without notice, etc..
> This fact seems to have escaped the notice of most developers of web
> applications. They just fail and/or misbehave under all those
> conditions.

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