Force flushing buffers

Madhusudan Singh spammers-go-here at spam.invalid
Wed Oct 12 21:55:10 CEST 2005

Robert Wierschke wrote:

> Madhusudan Singh schrieb:
>> Hi
>>         I have a python application that writes a lot of data to a bunch
>>         of files
>> from inside a loop. Sometimes, the application has to be interrupted and
>> I find that a lot of data has not yet been writen (and hence is lost).
>> How do I flush the buffer and force python to write the buffers to the
>> files ? I intend to put this inside the loop.
>> Thanks.
> disable the buffer!
> open( filename[, mode[, bufsize]])
> open takes an optional 3ed argument set bufsize = 0 means unbuffered.
> see the documentation of the in build file() mehtod as open is just
> another name

Though I will not be using this solution (plan to use flush() explicitly)
for speed reasons, thanks ! I will file this away for future reference :)

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