SOAPpy, WSDL, non-standard types and my graying hair

Miki Tebeka mtebeka at
Tue Oct 11 10:52:51 CEST 2005


I'm trying to use SOAPpy with WSDL (talking to

proxy.show_methods for getRecordListForTable is:

Method Name: getRecordListForTable

   In #0: cookie  ((u'', u'long'))
   In #1: tablename  ((u'', u'string'))
   In #2: filtername  ((u'', u'string'))
   In #3: columnlist  ((u'urn:testtrack-interface', u'ArrayOfCTableColumn'))

   Out #0: recordlist  ((u'urn:testtrack-interface', u'CRecordListSoap'))

I know how to prepare the first three arguments (using SOAPpy.stringType and
SOAPpy.longType). I can't find the documentation on how to prepare the last

Any ideas? pointers? ...

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