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Thu Oct 13 02:05:31 CEST 2005

uOn Wed, 12 Oct 2005 22:02:23 GMT, iddw at hotmail.com (Dave Hansen)
wrote or quoted :

>Summary: a buffer overflow problem in Microsoft's JPEG redering
>library, used my almost all Windoze email and web clients, would allow
>an attacker to execute any arbitrary code he wished on your computer
>simply by tricking you into viewing a doctored JPEG image.  Since
>solved (this problem is _so_ last year, dahling), but it belies your
>assertion that "pictures are not code."

By your definition all socket communications contains code because of
the existence of buffer overrun "bugs" -- probably deliberately put
there by unscrupulous employees.  

The pictureness is not at fault. MS was at fault. 

No  wonder the community has failed to solve spam with attitudes like
that -- extreme naysaying, misplacing the source of the problem, and
calling each other "dahling" is bound to get everyone out of a
problem-solving mode.

You probably were all told the story of the three sillies as a child
about people who wept themselves to inaction worrying imagined futures
rather than dealing with the realities of the present.  I think
fretting about minutiae, and the desire for a perfect ant-spam
solution has blocked getting on with a reasonable solution.
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