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On Sun, 09 Oct 2005 20:19:46 +1000, Steven D'Aprano
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>Likewise I avoid emails that are broken. If it looks like it will contain
>web-bugs, javascript exploits, or badly formatted unreadable text, then I
>avoid any mail client that can't display it in plain text.
>And by "looks like", I mean "contains any HTML".

That is overreacting. All you need is a something that refuses to run
code. There is no need to ignore the formatting. 

I have well meaning friends who send me rather syrupy emails,
formatted.  I don't run any enclosures, but I look at the pictures and
the message. They are not spam. 

If people like sending such messages to each other it is not our
business to interfere.  On the contrary. Our job it help people send
arbitrary messages to each other as easily as possible.  Censoring
content and style is none of our business. Our job is to help get
messages through reliably, safely and efficiently.

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