how to improve simple python shell script (to compile list of files)

Maarten van Reeuwijk maarten at
Sat Oct 15 13:40:31 CEST 2005

Jari Aalto wrote:

> [Keep CC, thank you]
> Please suggest comments how can I make this script to work
> from bash. Also how can I skip better the [0] argument from
> command line without hte extra variable i?

Didn't check, but something like this?

import os, sys, py_compile;
i = 0;
for arg in sys.argv:
  file  = os.path.basename(arg);
  dir   = os.path.dirname(arg);
  i += 1;
  if i > 1  and os.path.exists(dir):
     print "compiling %s\n" % (file);

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