Copy files to Linux server through ssh tunnel

durumdara at durumdara at
Thu Oct 6 09:33:39 CEST 2005

Hi !

I have some backup files on a server farm.
I want to store these local backup files on a backup file server for
"safety's snake".

These files are compressed zip files with 12 character length password.
But my system admin asked me, how can I improve the safety of the copy
operation, and the storing (now I use Samba share to store these files. I
map the SMB share on the client, copy these files, and unmap SMB).

Then I thinking to ssh protocol to improve protection.

The backup script is a py script. I see that Winscp can copy files through
ssh tunnel. Can I do it too ?
How ? How to I do it in pythonic way ?

Please help me with some examples or urls or other infos !

Thanks * 1000:

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