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microsnot wrote:
| I'm new to Python but am wondering what IDE Python developers use? I
use Mac
| OS X 10.4.2. I have PythonIDE which comes with MacPython but I don't think
| that has even rudimentary "intellisense". Xcode and Eclipse don't seem to
| support Python out of the box. Suggestions for plugins for Eclipse would
| also be nice.
The situation has been pretty bleak, and I've tried (even maintained Mac
packages for awhile) nearly all the open-source IDE's out there,
including SPE, Boa, Eric3, etc. They all crashed constantly in my
experience. SPE has been making more of a Mac push since I stopped
maintaining Mac packages so it may have improved.

Komodo is a good IDE and is currently in beta testing on OS X: see for the particulars. It's more polished than any of
the open-source tools (though it should be for the $300 that the pro
version costs), and runs natively (as an Aqua app). Komodo is not
Python-only, but if you are developing commercially it is a very  good
tool to consider.

WingIDE is also very powerful, but runs only as an X11 app on the Mac.
That may or may not be a problem for you.

I've ultimately settled on a primitive set of tools myself, Emacs or
IDLE, plus the console. Fewer bells and whistles, but they are stable,
and don't get in my way.

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