urllib2 problem

Jeremy Martin Jeremy.Martin at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 27 05:55:57 CEST 2005

I'm relatively new to using python for interacting with webpages but 
Ive run into a problem that really has me stumped. I wrote a script 
that would figure out all the variables needed to request data from a 
website. I originally just used urllib.urlopen and everything worked 
fine on my Windows PC at work. I tried the same script at home on my 
Fedora COre 3 box using python 2.4, and whenever I try to connect to 
the site I get the (110, Connection Timed Out) Error.  
At first I thought my firewall was causing problems with the script but 
I noticed an odd patten. If the web site asked to accept cookies (like 
the site I need) the script times out), if I point it to a site that 
doesnt it works fine. Ive tried several attempts at using urllib2 and 
the HTTPCookieProccessor and I still have no luck. Can anyone give me 
any advice or pointers on what may be the problem here? I apologize if 
this is kind of a rookie question but Ive been searching for about a 
week with no luck. 
Jeremy Martin 

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