Capturing audio from a microphone on Mac OS X

Michael ms at
Sat Oct 15 02:58:20 CEST 2005


This might seem a dumb question, but every search I've done so far has come
up blank - with the possible exception of Schtoom. I've seen Schtoom that
does manage to capture audio under Mac OS X, but it's unclear whether the
audio tools it uses can be used independently of Schtoom.

So my question this: does anyone know of a library or simple approach
to capturing audio (any quality :) from a microphone on Mac OS X ?
Specifically something that works with Mac OS X 10.3, with python 2.3 .

Ideally, something like the approach that pyalsaaudio [*] takes would be
great, but at this stage I suspect that the number of available examples
out there is small, so I'm more than happy to take something and adapt it.

I haven't searched for something similar under windows yet, I'm hoping
that's less problematic (famous last works).

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies,


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