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>>>     I don't know what drugs you're on, but the McDonald's corporation 
>>> most
>>> certainly is in the business of the wholesale distribution of burger
>>> patties. One key reason to become a franchisee is to access their 
>>> wholesale
>>> distribution network.

>> Then they are not in the wholesale business. So lock the drugs cabinet.

>> (What they are marketting is a "brand", complete with clowns and
>> arches, and a secret formula for making up patties in buns).

>     So is Microsoft, except the clowns write the software.

No they aren't.  A pc o/s is something you load on an IBM pc, and an IBM
pc is an open format.  There is no "microsoft computer", and there is no
such thing as a "microsoft computer shop". 

The closest you can get to a complete closed branding in that field, is,
coincidentally, an apple o/s, and an apple computer, and an apple
computer shop.  And that's because apple make the confusers in question,
and their o/s.  However, I don't think they can stop the shops which
sell apples from mselling pcs too, but then I have never had the
slightest inclination to buy a "brand" like an apple, so I have never
looked, so I don't have an inkling if that is so or not.

> When a shop sells 
> machines that ship with Microsoft Windows, it is to some extent the power of 
> Microsoft's brand that brings them into the shop.

No it isn't. Quite the opposite - look at a computer shop or a
computer advert, and you will see "Pentium 4 3.4GHz 1MB cache, 1GB DDR
RAM", etc. etc.

Really - bar all the argument-shifting and picking up from nonsense
points, I wish I could find some kernel of sensibleness in your
argument because at times in the past you have acted sane. But not
here! If you have an argument, out with the bones of it.  What is it?
Something like "MS can do anything they like to make a profit"? No -
they can't. Is it "MS can't be criticised for behaving like mad bad
bullies"? Uh, uh, yes they can. And so on. What IS your line?


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