Yes, this is a python question, and a serious one at that (moving to Win XP)

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Fri Oct 14 06:32:43 CEST 2005

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> Kenneth McDonald <kenneth.m.mcdonald at> writes:
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>> absolutely preventing me from making the switch. Number one is the
>> lack of a decent command line and command-line environment, and I'm
>> wondering (hoping) if perhaps someone has written a "Python shell"-- 
>> something that will look like a regular shell, let users type in
>> commands, maybe have some of the nice features of bash etc. like tab
>> completion, etc, and will then execute an underlying python script
>> when the command is entered. I'm not thinking of IDLE, but something
>> that is really aimed more at being a system terminal, not a Python-
>> specific terminal.
> [...]
> cmd.exe can be made bearable.  I just got a new machine, so I'll have
> to do this myself in the next few days...
> 0. Make a shortcut to cmd.exe, stick it somewhere get-at-able,
>   eg. quick launch toolbar

0.0. ... and add an item to your SendTo folder that allows
you to have Windows Explorer open a terminal window with its
current directory set to the currently displayed folder
(= "Open terminal here").


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