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darren kirby bulliver at badcomputer.org
Tue Oct 25 04:04:47 CEST 2005

quoth the Fredrik Lundh:
> (using either on the output from glob.glob is just plain silly, of course)

Silly? Sure. os.listdir() is more on point. Never said I was the smartest. 
However, I will defend my post by pointing out that at the time it was the 
only one that actually included code that did what the OP wanted.

Recall I wrote:
"If all you want is filenames this will work:"
"This is how you should do it"

And I invite you to prove me wrong ... it does work.

As a novice, I do appreciate getting set strait when I code something dumb, 
but going off about the efficiency of "%s % foo" over "str(foo)" hardly helps 
the OP, and is not very pertinant to my glob faux pas either. An explanation 
of why glob is silly would perhaps teach me better than just stating it as 

It is things like this that make me wary of posting to this list, either to 
help another, or with my own q's. All I  usually want is help with a specific 
problem, not a critique involving  how brain-dead my code is. I'm a beginner, 
of course my code is going to be brain-dead ;)

I thought the idea was "make it work first, then optimize"? In any event, I 
will refrain from trying to help people here until I get over this silly 
stage I seem to be stuck in... it just doesn't seem worth it.

I am not trying to sound like a whiner here, I just wish you experts would go 
easy on us novices...

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