Accessing a dll from Python

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Oct 21 08:16:06 CEST 2005

"dcrespo" <dcrespo at> wrote:
>Can someone give me lights on how can I deal with dlls from python?
>My main purpose is to get access to a Unitech PT600 Bar Code system. I
>have the dll that works fine through Visual Basic. But I'm migrating to
>Python, so I need a way to use the same dll, or a C library.
>I tried to access a dll created by myself on Visual Basic. The dll just
>have one function. It works perfect when using it on a VB project just
>including it in the references configuration. But I can't access it
>from python. I tried the ctypes module.

Are you talking about VB6 or VB.NET?  If you had to add a reference, then
it is either a COM interface or a managed code class.  DLLs don't get in
through references -- they use the Declare statement.

COM interfaces are pretty easy to call in Python.  Calling managed code is
almost impossible right now.
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