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> Roedy Green <my_email_is_posted_on_my_website at munged.invalid> writes:
> > Next Mr. Phish had to present his passport etc when he got his Thawte
> > ID.  Now Interpol has a much better handle on putting him in jail.
> > He can't repudiate his phishing attempt.
> Any underage drinker in a college town can tell you a hundred ways to
> get sufficient fake ID to get around that.

Most such jurisdictions get very excited, though, if that underage 
drinker kills someone while driving drunk.  Ofttimes, that gets _real_ 
police attention, rather than occasional bouncer investigation.

Make each recieved spam be worth a buck to the reciever, and the 
spammers/phishers/etc will be facing felony charges.  I suspect much of 
the spamming would stop.

Some, of course, would continue.  Pyramid schemes still get proposed, 
but their scope is much smaller.


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